How to dive into the online world and don’t drown?

How to dive into the online world and don’t drown?

A month ago (March 2017) I signed up for Marie Forleo’s  B-school (really well designed and insightful program by the way).
In the meantime I also signed up for all sorts of groups and events to support myself on my new way.

To support myself on the way to build a successful (known, reputable and profitable) business this year.

So here I am with my calendar packed with events organized by groups like Entrepreneurs Thinking Big, Entrepreneurs Abundance Mind Set, Go Getters, DoTerra Essential Oils Workshops (I signed up with them as well to be able to use the oils in the massage and to sell them if somebody wants to buy) and pretty intense business course with Marie Forleo’s school.
Did I mention my favourite coach Tony Robbins and his webinars?
Plus more…

And this is how I arrived into the Big World of online marketing and all kinds of means of communication that it uses.

Are you familiar with the wonderful language consisting of:

“I’m thrilled”,
“I feel absolutely blessed”,
“Ania, you are amazing”,
“make sure you set up your online account to…”,
“just keep following us”,
“make sure you click on the button comment to join this marvellous discussion”,
and here’s one of my favourites “fascinating terms and conditions”…

and so on…

You know what I’m talking about. You’ve been there before. 

Being the internet user you must have been to this world of linguistic and other wonders where everything seems to be so magical and special
Everything seems possible…

I’m slightly afraid we will soon run out of words known at our Nowadays Tower of Babel or even worse…
…we will no longer be able to understand each other (just as the legend has it).

This time we may get “punished” for trying to take over God’s space by using “excessive superlatives” escalating in spiral line and pretending to be building Nowadays Tower of Babel…

Coming back on the ground from my little distractive metaphor…
Having jumped into this “mass mess” I realized that I really need to take it seriously in order to win. In order to survive actually!

I needed to implement strategies to remain sane in this jabber, swim through it gracefully by staying focused and come out of this wash with the new knowledge and my goals accomplished.

What is your strategy to succeed in the high speed online race and overflow of information (and misinformation)?

I thought that finding my own ground, understanding my own strength, learning how to trust myself 100% and staying centred was going to be enough…

You know exactly how it is to hear all the online “voices” around, don’t you?

You get distracted from doing (even from feeling!) what is true and real to you.

Do you know how does this work?

Does this sound familiar?
Imagine your husband/ wife/ parents/ grandparents/ sisters/ brothers/ friends/ colleagues talking, talking, talking and telling you what is “right” – what should you do, what to say, how you should feel, how to react etc.

Of course this is not necessary right (nor good) for you. People just like to share opinions and be experts.

Now imagine all this talking MAGNIFIED by billions of vast and powerful connections of the internet web.

The online groups, websites, forums, newsletters, specials, emails, prompts, online courses, massages, videos, facebook, posts, tweets, pintrest, instabeauty, famous quotes largely cited, etc. etc. plus…
Please, let’s don’t forget the good traditional media like TV, radio, newspapers or magazines flooding us with the crap of adds!

Can you see yourself standing naked and vulnerable on your tiny island of self-doubt?

Yes, this is you unless you have the whole lot of strength to trust yourself fully.

This trust in you and faith is your shield against the meaningless mass of often aggressive information coming at you from all the corners of today’s world.

When you trust yourself and day by day keep building mental strength and emotional balance, then you know who and what to listen to and learn from.

You know what is not of use to you at all and you know what choices to make.

This is how you not only survive in the online craziness of our times, this is how you succeed!

I promise not to leave you here.

There will be more info coming on how to build a strong relationship based on trust with the person that will always be present in your life- the relationship with yourself.