Do you exercise for your health?

When do you actually exercise for your health?

We exercise to …

Exactly, here comes the question.
Why do you exercise?

If you are an athlete then story changes but let’s don’t go that path this time.

So why do you exercise?

Why do you train lifting weights or jumping and running around the park with group of other people?

Why do you pay personal trainer to take you through weights session?

Why do you wake up at 4am to go to a swimming pool before you go to work?

Why do you jump on a treadmill straight after leaving your office?

Why do you run every evening/morning?
The list of questions goes…

Your health and well-being depends on your honest answer.

single step
Take responsibility for your happiness.

If you really like whatever you exercise and derive joy from it then yes- you ARE exercising for your health.

Not only physical one. Your mental health will benefit as well and that is the greatest advantage of taking up exercise.
On the other end if your motivation is to look good or you just heard “exercise is good for you” the whole story changes.  You jump on a treadmill with your earphones on and mind away not even being present on that treadmill and… Well in that case you are entirely disconnected from your exercise and you are running your health and life away.

Taking up any sport activity and performing it not really being there makes you disconnected not only from the exercise but also from yourself and I can’t see those great health benefits coming your way then. Nothing worse in that field if you see your exercise as another chore to do!

Only when you exercise mindfully and actually really enjoy it your physical and mental health really improves.

You learn more and more about yourself and get to understand your body – how it works, what it needs which is exactly what you need to.
You start to appreciate this amazing system that your body is and you are truly happy that you are exercising. And you become stronger. You are stronger.
Not only your body. As you take the time out to be fully present and free from anything else than yourself performing exercise you start to see life more clearly and your mind grows stronger.

So don’t wait for anybody to tell you what to do. Take responsibility for your happiness and free your mind and body!

Take up the activity you really like, take your headphones of your ears and enjoy your exercise fully!

absolute freestyle calisthenics
Absolute freestyle calisthenics