Strength training miracle

What can beat that fantastic feeling of being invincible after pushing yourself to and a bit beyond your limits during your training session?! Strength training is my favourite in this category.
I will tell you one of the reasons. The secret one. It’s neither about my weight nor about the shape or size of my muscles. It’s better than that.

There are days when my “to-do” list becomes long, not necessarily exciting…  I get myself thinking “do I really have to do this today? Not up for it and not feeling ready at all” and suddenly so many other things seem to be extremely more important or interesting.

I start procrastinating. Obviously that makes me feel slow and low and eventually feel pretty bad about myself.

Undone things start piling up and I, instead of feeling like a winner, start to feel exactly the opposite.
No more sensation of accomplishment for me… awful!
Then I remember what my medicine for this sort of disease is.
I’ve used it number of times, always works, never fails.
I train.

go and train. It doesn’t matter how much you don’t feel like doing it.

What stops YOU from achieving your dreams?

Do you know this feeling of being AWESOME halfway through your resistance workout, not to mention after it?
Sounds familiar? Hope so!

This is the strength training miracle!

It means you’ve just accomplished something big and you know it.
You’re feeling empowered. And you’re right, you are!

When I feel like that I ask myself how on Earth there can be anything harder than those weights you’ve just pushed?? The answer that comes straight away is: nothing.
I’ve already succeeded and now any job or task waiting there for me to be done is a piece of cake!
You get my point here right? I know you do!

So go and do it!

Remember, the strength training is not about pushing hundreds of kilos of iron to hurt yourself. It’s about building yourself.

I push through my limits just enough to improve. My body grows stronger and my inner strength increases with it.

stronger body stronger mind

Go and do it now!