Why AnnaGreenUp?

Why AnnaGreenUp?
I get this question frequently so thought I’d just explain here by sharing my thoughts and vision.

GreenUp is a process of growing healthier and stronger.

AnnaGreenUp is here to support all clients in this process.

Imagine that You grow and develop just like a tree does.

First you build your solid foundations (faith and trust in yourself) like the tree grows its roots.

Then you develop your core (core values and beliefs) like the tree grows its trunk.

Then you grow your branches and you expand – you connect in the way that best serves you and other trees in your forest (society).

You strive searching for the light and keep growing even taller and your trunk hardens (your core gets stronger).

You simply grow healthier and stronger (greener) and it is on and up going process of your life.

My job it to support you in this process by all the means I have.

The way you share the space with others in your forest is always up to you.

You can become a selfish and aggressive tree fearing that there is not enough of light and water for you and then soon you out of the forest society with no connections. When you choose this path it’s going to be fairly short and painful – soon you get badly hurt or cease to exist …

However, you can choose the scenario that creates “win-win” situation for everybody in your forest.  You can connect through your roots with others living in your forest and share the flow of nutrients and information crucial for all the forest not only to survive but also to grow.

abundant healthy forest, AnnaGreenUp

Together we grow. Together we are stronger. Together we more likely become better.

AnnaGreenUp’s mission is to assist you finding healthier and stronger You so that together we can strive in a healthy, strong and abundant forest (society)!

With love,
Ania Stan