Move, Stretch & Breathe

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“It’s an ironic habit of human beings to run faster when they have lost their way.”
                Rollo May, an existentional psychotherapist 1909-1994

I highly recommend Move, Stretch & Breathe Program for those who look for emotional healing or are in the moment of life when they need a guidance.

This program is also beneneficial for:

  • anyone who is not accustomed to exercise and wants to start moving
  • anyone who is already very active but needs a break from their training regimen
  • those who feel overwhelmed with another “big day” at work or just everyday duties
  • everyone who needs to take a breath, have a time out and recharge batteries.

I teach our clients how to move, breathe and mobilize their body in a way that enhances their physical and emotional health.

Three benefits of Move, Stretch & Breathe program:

  1. stress management
  2. body healing
  3. improved performance

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