Bodywork in Motion

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Bodywork in Motion adds movement to the massage therapy.

My combination of massage, movement and kind of emotional psychology create a unique and potent approach to healing not only your body but the whole You.

It helps you to restore your body awareness- simply get in touch with your body and feel it, to feel yourself.

The movement (including sitting and standing) and thinking patterns we create  often cause a tremendous tension throughout our whole system.

During the session we will look for the tension and try to bring back ease into the body.
This often help clients not only to improve their health but also solve some issues they may be experiencing in their life.

I blend together variety of techniques I’ve learned and a big dose of intuition into each session.
I like to emphasize the mobility, flexibility and the sense of ease and relief.

Much like yoga, Bodywork in Motion promotes a soft sort of strength.
It helps to unravel the emotions behind your sitting, standing & movement patterns.

I assist you move freely and comfortably and move through life with ease.

If you like to find out more or book a session complete the form or simply call me.

I’m here to help you!

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