Growth and change

Growth and change
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Suffering is an immanent part of life and it may push you to make changes in it, make changes in yourself.
When you experience pain so great that you can’t handle it anymore, you either change or break

Growth implies change and change is hardly ever comfortable.

To make things even more challenging, there will always be naysayers around. They know words like “impossible”, “too hard”, “what’s wrong with you” and their self-doubt can easily get contagious and drag you down.

Stay vigilant, stand your ground.

Growing takes courage

Fear and worry is provided for us in life, the courage not so much…

Building the courage and strength to live your life fully involves inner work.

When you change you are scared but also kind of excited for the new so you’re doing it anyway.

I’ve been using swimming, strength training, cold showers, breathwork, yoga, meditation, talking to other people and just decision making and acting on them to break some of my fears.

I value self-discipline and observation in the process of growth.

I suppose each of us chooses their own way of growing.

“Apply the largest amount of your time on self-improvement and no time in criticizing others.”

Carlos Gracie Sr

Have faith in yourself. You are not alone.

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