Life Changing Expeditions

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The Life Changing Expeditions concept is simple and straightforward:

Travel broadens your mind.

The tricky bit is that not any kind of travelling will do this for you. Going with us you are finally able to fully relax and experience how good does it feel just to be…
How amazing it feels just to breath and be yourself.

Did you know that relaxation is not something you do? It is already a natural state of all human beings. We just tend to forget about it running the busy life race…
There is plenty of tools that can assist you achieve this natural state by removing the obstacles that keep you from functioning easily and effortlessly in your life.

To live easily, effortlessly and happy.

You want this don’t you?

Leading a busy life and “trying to relax” can quickly become irritating as it becomes one of the chores on your daily list…

To overcome this we have created Life Changing Expeditions to assist you achieve complete relaxation and start to live to your fullest potential.
This is what we do. We take you on a Life Changing Expedition and assist you achieve relaxation by removing the obstacles that keep your natural state from functioning easily and effortlessly in your life.

You realize that freedom, joy and flow are a state of mind and accessible from any given moment in your life.

Through our programs consisting of: movement immersion part (various sport activities from hiking, through scuba diving to functional training) and slow down part (simple things like e.g. walking, lectures on health, breath workshops, yoga asanas and more) we show you You and things around from another perspective so you can gain distance to your life situation, change your thinking and regain happiness!

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