Let’s face life

Let go of the expectations that life is going to be prettier, just, fair or better later.
What we are promised instead is life being exactly what it is at any given moment.
Many of those moments will suck and you will feel like shit so when you find those full of joy, make sure you really explore and enjoy them, don’t waste them, don’t wait for better.

You will fall and ache, then you will pick yourself up, shake the stuff off and just keep going.
That’s it, the whole big life’s mystery.

Events will continue to happen, don’t get too attached, the constant change is inevitable.

Practice inner strength and stillness in supportive surroundings/moments so that when the stuff hits the fan you more likely go through it keeping your chin up.

I have no other idea about the truth except for my own- the one I can sense and feel.
All the rest seems just another story.
The story being told by the egoic mind- individual and collective.

There are always people who believe in a better world and climate or some sort of war apocalypse, those who believe in light, the energy, the Source and consciousness, and those who believe in science, those who believe in healing and those who believe in money, in devil and so much more.
The variety of human kind and all around us fascinates me- full expression of creation that we can somehow “touch”, comprehend.

Which of your fears does the collective thinking pattern trigger?
That’s the one you are likely to join.

Feel yourself, know yourself and just be yourself, live bright when you can and breathe yourself through the lows.

Take nothing for granted, don’t wait to live.

Harm to another is harm to yourself, let go of it.

Do best you can, try to see past the narrow vision horizon- each situation has at least two points of view, why to be attached to one of them only?

Just acknowledge the differences.